Los Jarrones Mexican Food Corporation in El Paso

Los Jarrones Mexican Food Corporation in El Paso
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120 E Redd Rd, Ste F, El Paso, TX 79932-1586, El Paso


  • Mexican
  • Latin
  • Spanish

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08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


00:00 - 17:00


00:00 - 17:00

Do they have shrimp and fish on the menu?

Yes. Not a whole lot, but they have it.

(Translated by Google) Where the vases were moved by someone who tells me the new address by fabor (Original) A donde movieron los jarrones alguien q me diga la nueva direccion por fabor

(Translated by Google) Going on that same street (Original) Adelante de esa misma calle

This place is horrible the Menudo has no flavor and it had little and big white floating things on top of it I felt super sick,

This place is amazing! Huge portions, great price, and the bakery has delicious pastries

Do you have karaoke.

I'll never know

(Translated by Google) Slow to attend, there was a line to sit down and several empty tables, the person who sat was in the box talking with another waitress, super bad service and then the people who stood alone sat at the tables. (Original) Lento para atender, habia linea para sentarse y varias mesas vacias, la persona que sentaba estaba en la caja platicando con otra mesera , super mal.sercicio ya despues la gente que estaba parada sola se sentaba en las mesas.

(Translated by Google) I find that situation strange, the last time I went the service was excellent (Original) Se me hace extraña esa situación, la última vez que fui el servicio fue excelente

Is the restaurant already open anybody knows?

(Translated by Google) The new store is already open. Unfortunately, there are already 3 times that family members and I went and the service has not been good. The food was cold and they took more than an hour to treat us. Pity was my favorite place. Hopefully, pay more attention. (Original) Ya esta abierto el nuevo local. Desafortunadamente ya van 3 veces que familiares y yo acudimos y el servicio no ha sido bueno. La comida fria y tatdaron mas de una hora en atendernos . Lástima era mi lugar preferido. Ojala pongan mas atencion.

(Translated by Google) I would like to know if they have already opened their new store? It's been a while since they moved and they were closed. (Original) Quisiera saber sii ya abrieron su nuevo local.? Ya tiene tiempo que se andaban movimiento y estaban cerrados.

(Translated by Google) Not yet. Coming Soon. (Original) Aun no. Muy pronto.

(Translated by Google) I would like to know when they open the new branch of the redd, I want sweet bread? (Original) Quisiera saber cuando abren la nueva sucursal de la redd, quiero pan de dulce?

What are you saying please

When will they reopen again

If you have an iphone ask SIRI JARRONES NEAR ME

Today I wanted some "pan dulce" and it was closed. I'm wondering if it was moved or just closed forever?

I think it moved up redd rd a bit towards i-10.


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